K. Bethke, Henderson, NV: Roo

— Hello, just want to thank you for your fine products. My last very active Blue Heeler ROO; was helped quite a lot with them. He was very active his whole life. He ended up with spinal stenosis, a fused spine- the worst our vet had seen. And then Hyperostosis- a bone overgrowth. I treated him with natural enzyme/ herb formulas. And then I found Hemp Vet. It helped him keep walking. Helped him be more comfortable. I am thankful we had that for him.

D. Stanton, Lafayette, IN:

— I know your product works extremely well. He went from shaking, barely able to walk, took forever to climb a few stairs or would just give up. Now he doesn't shake at all, walks all over to follow me everywhere(just like old times) a little slower of course, and he can climb the whole staircase in a few short minutes without any help (15 steps).

M. Casineau: Julie

— Hi! I just wanted to let you know how well the calming supplements work with my 9 year old Bichon! She has developed some sort of "restless tail syndrome". She seems to have had a very hard time calming down at bedtime, pacing, itching, needing water, bathroom breaks. We tried ear meds, changing her diet, a thunder jacket, nothing worked. Until we tried your product! And your product even works better than other hemp products! Must be the dose or other ingredients. I found that other products that can be given more than once a day don't seem to work, your once a day at night works well. Just wanted you to know how well this product is working for us!

D. Salazar, Los Angeles, CA.: Phoenix

— I had a Jundo-Chow mix dog who was 14 years old and had severe arthritis in his hips. We were giving him Tramadol daily as a pain modifier and Adequan injections every five days. He moved, but not very well and not much at all. A good friend recommended Reilly’s HEMPJOINT with Glucosamine HCL + MSM. I was skeptical because we were already giving him Glucosamine but I decided to try it. In less than two weeks of daily doses, Phoenix started to move around a LOT more. He wasn’t jumping or running (he is 14 after all) but he was moving and that is always a good thing. This meant to me that his pain was greatly diminished and he showed that by moving more and being by us instead of in his bed most of the day. We continued giving it to him until he passed at 15 years old. This medicine helped him continue to have a better end of life experience than without it. I highly recommend pet owners with a dog with similar ailments in their hip and joints to try this product. Give it time and I believe you’ll be as happy with the results as I was.

Mary Beth L., Bloomington, IN: Dervish & Anna

I've rescued dogs all my life. My three girls now are Gilda (Beagle/Aussie mix), Dervish (Collie mix), and the clown, Anna (Beagle/Lab mix). They range in age from 11-14 years old and are developing all what I call "The Ole Dawg" stuff. I don't like using the toxic arthritis meds from the vet. I saw an ad at a doctor's office for Reilly's HEMPVET and am now experimenting with the different 'recipes' they offer. Made in USA sold me and in my first shipment, they sent an extra bag, I was surprised at their generosity! The calming supplements are absolutely helping with anxiety, and also the joint relief supplements! I love Reilly's HEMPVET!