De-Stress your Pet During these Trying Times

As pet owners, we often see behaviors in our cats & dogs that clearly show how much they care about us. Our pets come over and lick our hands and faces, cuddle up next to us and show us more attention when we are feeling down or ill. All in the name of making us feel better, and more often than not, we do feel better thanks to our little furbabies!

This bodes the question, do our pets really know when we are stressed? A study performed in 2015, showed quite clearly that our furbabies can, in fact, read our facial expressions. Not just that, they can feel our energy too.

When we have strong or intense emotions, we exude the related energy which our pets can and often do pick up. This can be especially true now as we all shelter-in-place during these tumultuous times!

When we feel stressed, have you noticed a change in your cat or dog's mood or behavior? Perhaps they become more active, ‘needy’ and wanting your attention. Maybe they begin panting, pacing, barking or even go into hiding. 

All of these are signs that our pet’s are picking up the negative energy of our emotions. Sometimes, no matter how much comforting and calming energy we provide, it just doesn’t seem to help them.

What can we do?

Consider a HEMPVET calming supplement including HEMPCALM & Calm Support Rewards+ to help ease your pet's mind and help them de-stress.

HEMPVET Pet Remedies are specifically formulated for cats and dogs in convenient soft chew or oil formats and are not only ideal for these trying times but very effective for more common sources like thunderstorms, fireworks or even a visit to the vet.

At the end of the day, our pets are our family. We can work to cultivate a healthy and happy environment to help keep stress levels low, but sometimes life happens and we do our best!

Just remember! You are your pet’s world and no matter how you are feeling, they love you regardless!


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