A Few Tips for Next Your Pet Rescue

Pet rescue can be both exciting, and heartbreaking depending on the circumstances. The good news though is that you have stepped in and are providing a caring and loving home to your new rescue pup. 

Pet rescue can seem intimidating at first, and knowing you, you’ve done your research and are amped up and ready to take on this important task. 

Don’t worry! You’ve got this! 

You’ve got your home prepared, you’ve discussed routines with your family, filled out all the paperwork and been checked out by the rescue organization and finally, you have your pup! Now what? 

Treat this newsletter as a quick-reference guide! 

  • A safe place - You’ve done your research, you’re all set up to house your new rescue in a kennel or room. This area is theirs from this point on, a safe haven from all the chaos they most likely experienced before being welcomed into your home. An introduction and frequent returns to this spot will help your rescue to understand their new safe place. 
  • Slow introductions - Unfortunately there is no guarantee that your rescue’s past will be 100% known. It’s hard to determine exactly what they have been through before coming to the safety of your home, so to ease any anxiety or fear, try some slow introductions to new people and pets. One at a time is typically preferable depending on how nervous your rescue is. 
  • Escorted tour - You want to be your rescue’s rock of safety, so keeping them on a leash while you explore their new home together will help them feel more at ease and reduce any anxiety they may be feeling from being in a new environment.
  • Consistency is key - Set a routine for your new rescue, get them familiar with how things are going to be from this point on in their new life and new home, they will really appreciate it! 
  • Positive reinforcement - In the most heartbreaking of circumstances, there is a chance that your rescue had been dealt a heavy hand in their previous situation. These traumas are ones that they may never fully get over, and may cause them some difficulty in trusting you and your family. All pups really want to please their family! So when they are punished for their efforts, it breaks their little hearts. So it’s up to us as rescuers to provide nothing but positive reinforcement for desired behavior and not just with treats but love and pets as well! Your rescue will learn what is expected of them all while feeling safe and delighted in their ability to please you!
  • Exercise - An active schedule filled with plenty of exercise is the best medicine to help your rescue with any stress or anxiety they may be feeling not just from entering a new home, but those that are leftover from their past traumas.
  •  Patience - Rescue’s take a ton of patience and time to become fully integrated into a new environment, and when life gets busy, it can be easy to forget what your rescue has previously been through. Some rescues may require more TLC and perhaps a bit more assistance to help them relax during the most stressful parts of their day. To help you on this journey, consider treating your rescue with calm support rewards + CBD, a healthy and natural treat option to ease your rescue into good behavior that will help them relax.

Congratulations on taking your first steps to pet rescue! This is an exciting and heartwarming journey which will change your life, and the life of your rescue forever. 

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