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The day all Americans love, but all dogs dread is quickly sneaking up. July 4th can be a fantastic time of get-togethers and fireworks, and while us humans  enjoy all the fun action, our pups don't hold the same joy for those beautiful fireworks. Even the most mentally healthy animals have a strong potential for anxiety spikes during fireworks, so add in those who already have anxiety issues....yikes!

Here are a few tips to make sure your doggy is as ready as possible and so you can enjoy the evening without worrying too much:

1. Give him/her HEMPCALM, our highly efficacious calming chew, made with broad-spectrum hemp and C10™ colostrum peptides
2. Provide your dog with a safe space. Consider getting a cozy crate
3. Distract your pup with a fun or delicious toy that will take some time to chew up
4. Exercise your dog earlier in the day as much as possible to tire him or her out
5. Leave the TV on or play some calming music to distract
6. Close the curtains and remove any chaotic visual stimulation 

Formulated by board-certified animal nutritionist, Dr. Gary Pusillo, HEMPCALMis a fast-acting, hemp-based remedy that significantly helps pets with anxiety and other spontaneous environmental stressors, such as fireworks and other prolonged loud noises. The unparalleled and unique combination of our non-GMO, broad spectrum hemp complex and our proprietary C10 Colostrum Calming Complex™ quickly and naturally  helps soothe pets in distress.

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